Sobre mí

MEI’m a biology student with a great passion for neuroscience and complex systems specially in the analysis of computational neuroscience data.

Right now I’m working in Supercomputing and Bioinnovation Center at University of Málaga. I’m collaborating with Okada Y. from Murayama Medical Center developing a neuron-glia interaction computational simulation.

A few years ago I was working in Tokyo in an bioinformatic internship developing a NGS pipeline called Onyx. I have experience in cell culture and EEG data analysis also.

I also feel very interested in the transmission of the scientific knowledge to the population. According with this I was president and cofounder of Empyria, an association for the promotion of scientific culture in Málaga.

I firmly believe that scientific knowledge must be public and accesible for all. I’m an advocate of open science, open source and open hardware.

Check this others projects where I work with awesome people.



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